Small Acts of Love Have Great Impact in the World

Listen to the full podcast Here! In the Kingdom of God, small acts of kindness can mean the world. La’Wana Harris joins the show to discuss the importance of prayer, service, and obedience. She currently takes trips to Haiti to help end illiteracy and to spread the love of Christ and has a goal to provide 10,000 books to kids in Haiti by the end of 2017. Also, she works in the States as a motivational speaker, a writer, and a worker for social justice. In all of her involvements, the Lord has been at work to reach those in Haiti and in her local community. She clearly carries the Word and prayer as her weapons as she goes to share the Gospel. From bringing books and creating puppet shows, to

Motivation BEYOND Monday

Listen to the full podcast Here! What Women Want Talk Radio interviewed Business Coach/Author La'Wana Harris as she reveals her 6 keys for staying motivated throughout the rest of the week and FABMom Jill Simonian also weighed in about her busy life and how she handles (or doesn't!) several careers as a reporter, blogger, author, a new book that was just released and Mom of young kids. Read More...

Jaden Israel En Espanol

Buy on Amazon! "Jaden Israel es un pequeño niño en el camino de descubrir en que persona Dios lo creo para que fuera, Es importante que cada niño celebre lo que los hace únicos y que sepan que son especiales a los ojo de Dios. Esta historia ofrece una manera simple y cimientos efectivos para las lecciones de la Escuela Dominical, Escuela Bíblica de Verano o cualquier lugar de encuentro educacional para niños. El libro incluye una nota para los padres y maestros con afirmaciones, actividades y un verso que tiene como intención que los lectores lo recuerden para que tengan un reforzamiento positivo. ""Jaden Israel, El Príncipe de Dios"" es el primer libro de la serie de libros de Jaden Israel,

Tips to stay focused as a new entrepreneur

Listen to the full podcast Here! Life coach La’Wana Harris with inspiring passion and courage who is committed helping others achieve their best selves joins Enterprise Radio to share tips to stay focused as a new entrepreneur. Read More...

How La’Wana Harris got Started as a Missionary in Haiti

Read Full Article here! If you live long enough, facing a crisis or tragic event is inevitable. The question however is how do you make it through when your faith is challenged? How do you remain encouraged and stand on God’s word when circumstances do not align with what God said? Having gone through my own crisis situation as a mother, it is my mission to inspire others and to provide some tangible tools to readers who may find themselves in challenging situations. If you are active with the seven tips I offer below, you may find healing and renewed strength. Read More...

My Daughter Had A Stroke At 17, And It Changed Our Family Forever

Read Full Article here! You never know what each day will bring. Some days just change your life forever. December 27, 2012 was one of those days. My family had just finished up volunteering at a toy drive at our church, and my daughter Jasmine just wasn't herself. She had a headache and was just generally feeling poorly. Being so young, no one immediately thought of horrible things that could be wrong; we thought of typical things, like a stomach flu or a sinus infection, even just being a grumpy teenager! Read More...


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