Inclusion Coaching: Coaching as a Tool to Solve the Diversity & Inclusion Dilemma

There’s an elephant in the room when companies talk about diversity and inclusion programs or initiatives: the efforts to increase representation often amount to little more than lip service due to a lack of resources, investment, or expertise. Inclusion Coaching is based on a growing mound of evidence that coaching is highly effective in corporate settings and that applying these concepts to diversity and inclusion programs can transform well-meaning efforts into lasting change. Coaching changes behavior It’s time to explore the intersection of coaching and inclusion. Inclusion Coaching is the key to partnering with executives and other professionals to help them go deep within themselves,

The Golden Country Club: What Does It Really Take to Hire a More Diverse Workforce?

Sometimes, we put on blinders. Because of the way we live, we think we’re fine — that we don’t have a problem with women, people of color, or members of the LGBTQIA community. We think of ourselves as nice people just going to work and doing our jobs — just like Todd, a department manager I once coached. In fact, I’ve coached many managers and leaders who feel diversity and inclusion (D&I) has no bearing on their office culture or their organization’s ability to innovate and succeed. As such, they pay little, if any, attention to D&I when hiring and developing company policies and procedures.


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