Industry experience includes global leadership development, facilitation, diversity and inclusion, people leadership, project management and nursing. She received her B.S. Biology from Greensboro College.

Sought After for her Creativity & Passion

La’Wana is a Certified Diversity Executive and an ICF Credentialed Coach.
She has worked to advance Diversity and Inclusion in the for profit and nonprofit sectors.  

Transformational Speaker

With inspiring passion and courage, La'Wana Harris is committed to calling forth the power and strength in others.  
Driven by her firm belief in honoring and speaking one's truth,
La'Wana is a dynamic facilitator gifted in creating meaningful conversations.  


La’Wana is the author of two children’s books series featuring her grandson, Jaden Israel, as the main character.  She created the series to increase the amount of books featuring children of color.
Her other Children's book, Marjorie and The Mango Tree, was inspired from La'Wana's mission work with the children of Haiti.
You Are Still Good is a Novella that shares her testimony of faith and prayer during tragedy.  
Her latest book, Diversity Beyond Lip Service, seeks to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. 
Jaden Israel
The California Zephyr
Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park
You Are Still Good

Community Activist

Active in numerous community and nonprofit organizations, La’Wana is a passionate activist with 26 years’ experience in facilitating civic engagement and collective action.  Most recently her work has focused on diversity and inclusion, leadership development, reducing healthcare disparities, socioeconomics, and community revitalization. 


La'Wana is a missionary to Haiti. She has conducted numerous missions’ trips to Haiti focusing on providing mobile medical clinics, building orphanages, children's ministry, evangelism and public health education.  Her missions’ work is also demonstrated domestically through community revitalization and social justice projects.
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