Great leaders are inclusive leaders.

Leading inclusively is a way of being. It’s not about an event, or crisis communications, or a point in time. Leading inclusively means learning, unlearning, and evolving to ensure we embrace the unique talents and abilities of each individual.   We are in a unique position to ensure that this moment becomes a transformative movement that inspires a desperately needed new model for leadership—inclusive leadership. It is up to everyone – individuals, leaders, and organizations—to make sure that this momentum is not lost and leads to new standards of engagement that mitigate performative allyship and lip service and elevate a culture of accountability and inclusivity.  Simply said, it's time to COMMIT.


COMMIT   Inclusive Behavior Framework


Empower everyone from entry level employees to C-suite executives to do the self-work needed to lead and live inclusively.  Establish a common DEI lens, language, and way of being to embed inclusive behaviors and personal accountability in your organization's DNA.
Leading Self
Leading Others
It’s time to go courageously into

new territory: deep into the root causes that are preventing real inclusion (not just lip service) from taking seed in the workplace. Boost team performance and increase profitability with an enterprisewide approach at the systemic, institutional, and structural levels.




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What are leaders and organizations saying?

"Thank you for helping me see my place as a white man in diversity, equity, and inclusion work."


~ Anthony, Tech Company

"I really appreciate the kind and caring and direct way you lead people. I learned a lot, and I am looking forward to learning more. Thank you!"

~Victoria, Market Research Company

You were refreshing, bold, unapologetic and offered just the right dose of reality that we need at this time. 

~Jennifer, Brokerage Firm

Hello all the way from the UK.  I’ve got a lot closer to D&I over the last year and it’s given me the courage to write my coming out story and feeling different (which I nervously just posted) Thank you again for a really thought provoking, engaging webinar lead with such passion!


~Shelly, Workforce Solutions Company 

Thank you for raising the bar on how to Lead Inclusively!

~Rhonda, Hospital System

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