The Power of Stories – Recounting the Goodness of God

Read Full Article here! Since time began, storytelling has been a method of passing important truths from one generation to the next. Values, history, culture and valuable lessons have always been communicated via stories. They spark emotion, connect us with one another, and reach us in a way that can actually change the lens of our perspective. Such is the story La’wana Harris tells in her book, You Are Still Good. She recounts the power and nearness of God when her family experienced a life-changing tragedy. Her story inspires hope and will build your faith in a God who still speaks today and loves to make His name great through miracles. Read More...

America By Train Book Series by La'Wana Harris

Buy on Amazon! Read about wonderful adventures and then go out and experience them in real life! "Jaden Israel, America by Train: The California Zephyr" is a story about a little boy and his grandmother taking an exciting train adventure across America. Together they set off on the path that the pioneers did when traveling west for the gold rush. This story offers simple lessons about the beauty and history of America for the next generation of train enthusiasts. The "America by Train" book series seeks to promote train travel as a viable way to explore America. The books will teach children about American history and encourage them to discover the beauty that lies just beyond the rails. Eac


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