The 2018 West Coast Diversity & Inclusion Conference

In the spirit of diversity this event will feature success from a wide range of organizations and practitioners from diverse backgrounds. It will deliver the knowledge and insights you need to make a difference to your organization and in the lives of your employees. But it will also address the culture of organizations, identify and explore effective D&I practice and link these to the needs and results of the business.

CCDA 30th Annual National Conference

Gain a fresh perspective on how to encourage wholistic restoration in our communities. Come learn alongside other Christians who are fully engaged in the process of transformation.

2019 Inclusive Diversity Conference

To drive inclusive work cultures, leaders must help employees feel supported, heard, and valued. They must reward inclusive behaviors while proactively addressing exclusionary behaviors that single out, overlook, and devalue individuals’ unique contributions and sense of belonging. HCI’s 2019 Inclusive Diversity Conference will show you how to leverage neuroscience, data and simple behavioral design to make diversity and inclusion part of your everyday organizational culture. Get tools and best practices that have been wildly successful for both small and large organizations. Learn how to help your workforce adapt to new attitudes and organizational values. Uncover strategies you can impleme


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